Order to a Working VoIP System in Less Than an Hour, Can Your Telecom Provider Beat That!

Yesterday I met with a roofing company who are growing rapidly. They already have an 0800 number which directs calls to one of their mobile numbers. However, it’s not really a good idea to be taking calls from potential customers whilst balancing on a roof ladder, so they contacted me to sort out something a bit better fit for purpose. A new VoIP telephone system was required.

We talked about their business and how things would work best for them. I explained that a hosted system would allow them to direct calls to their newly opened office from the existing 0800 number, and that if needed calls could then be transferred to a mobile. It all made perfect sense to my customer so they were happy to place an order with me. I decided to get it placed and underway there and then for them.

As the company have no existing landline number , I could pick a new number for them to serve the new hosted system. As luck had it there was a memorable number available so we grabbed that before anyone else could. So now the business has an existing 0800 number and a new memorable landline number too.

Having sorted out a new number I ordered the number and system to serve the business from Daisy and BT Wholesale via their excellent reseller portal. Half an hour later the basic system was ready to be programmed by me. Within the hour the programming was done and the system is fully operational. Getting a new telephone system doesn’t have to take weeks with voice over IP, in fact it can be done in minutes.

If you are one of the many people who find getting their telecoms provider to do even the simplest thing takes far too long, then why not give me a ring? I provide personal service from a local business combined with competitive pricing. You can read my Google reviews to see what my customers have to say about doing business with me

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