New Editions Licencing from 8×8

New Editions Licencing from 8×8


My most highly featured hosted platform is Virtual Office from 8×8.


I carry Virtual Office for those customers with particularly complex needs, especially those customers with contact centre operations.


Of the various hosted offerings I carry on my portfolio from 8×8, Daisy, Voiceflex and Ringcentral I have found Virtual Office to tick most boxes, most often.


However, that has on occasion proved to be a double edged sword for some customers. The highly featured licences for Virtual Office work well for sophisticated users requiring voice, Unified Communications, call recording and native integration into workflow and CRM.


Those requiring a basic telephone service, perhaps in meeting rooms or corridors and canteens, have not been as well served as even the lowest cost licences were highly featured.


8×8 have recognised this as a problem and addressed it with a new licencing scheme for virtual office including an entry level licence for a basic telephone only service, excluding calls for just £5 per user, per month.


At the same time a new highly featured licence including voice, unified communications, mobile apps and 5 party conferencing has been introduced. This package also includes unlimited calling to 14 countries as standard for £19.00 per user, per month. That’s a 20% reduction from the equivalent licence under the old regime.


If you are considering an investment in hosted telephony, why not give me a call to discuss. I will examine the market on your behalf and make a recommendation based on your needs.


I can visit site and give you a demonstration of hosted telephony from a users and system administrators perspective, including offerings from 8×8, Daisy and Ringcentral.


Call us now on 01788 226210 I would be delighted to hear from you.