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One of the first customers I won as Mann Telecom back in 2009 was a Serviced Office space provider based in Coventry.



A couple of years back this Serviced Office provider asked me for some more help with their data connectivity. The broadband based service they offered to tenants was too slow. This was costing them business as frustrated tenants moved away in search of faster connectivity.


You simply cannot ignore the ever greater demand for fast, reliable and consistent data connections as more and more businessess do more and more business online.


The Solution

To my customers credit, they absolutely understood the issue and were ready and willing to take action by replacing their broadband with a private circuit.


That was a simple thing to do, and we very quickly replaced a 40/10 fibre broadband service with a 60/100 private circuit. If that doesn’t mean much to you, let me explain.


The 40/10 fibre broadband service offers speeds of up to 40MB when downloading data and up to 10MB when uploading data, but neither are guaranteed.


The actual speed will depend on all kinds of things like distance from the exchange, how many other customers are sharing the available bandwidth with you etc.


A 60/100 private circuit offers a guaranteed 60MB up and down at all times, and this can be increased to up to 100MB on the same connection, or bearer, as it is known.


The Benefits

Obviously the private circuit costs more per month than broadband. The conversation turned to how this new fast broadband connection could be used to generate some incremental revenue for my client.


Like most serviced office providers my customer offered their tenants an inclusive telephone service as part of the deal. Phones and phone lines are provided with a basic, day time only, front office receptionist answering calls for tenants if required.


The system however was based on legacy technology, with an on premise PBX and ISDN lines connected to the outside world. Now back in the day that was OK, but it’s not a flexible system. It’s cumbersome to add or remove users, and capacity was limited to the number of available ISDN lines. A PBX is fundamentally unsuitable for a multi-tenant environment like serviced offices.


As a result my client saw adding new users to the system as an expense. They were running the system as a loss leader as the costs of maintaining the PBX and renting the ISDN lines plus endless engineers visits required to add new clients were absorbed in the general expenses of running the building.


Also because the system was complicated to manage, the client had never managed to set up any of the functions that might have been useful to their tenants, even things as simple as an out of hours greeting.


So, to create an income for the client we decided to replace the legacy PBX and ISDN with a hosted telephony system instead connecting to the cloud provider vai the new 60/100MB private circuit.


The Outcome

This achieved a number of things immediately.


The private circuit became an enabler of new revenue streams for the client that more than covered the extra cost.


All the complexity and the lack of flexibility with a conventional PBX were removed. A hosted services can be added or taken away on demand using a simple user friendly management portal. In this case I will do this for my client as part of my service making it so much easier to onboard or remove a tenant from the system – no engineer visit required.


Hosted is simple to install, and the inherent multi-tenant nature of a cloud based platform means each tenant can have exactly what they want.  That might mean personalised auto attendant, night time messages etc. These can be set up and changed easily, with the tenants themselves able to make changes if so desired, obviously only to their system!


The simple price per user, per month nature of hosted makes it easy to budget for the cost of the service.  Importantly it’s easy to recharge to tenants if that what the serviced office space provider wants to do.


The advanced billing features of hosted platforms make it easy to generate bills for calls made in real time. This allow my client to recover any call costs albeit most are covered by inclusive call packages


My client quickly saw the potential to significantly up their game in terms of the telephone services they can offer to tenants.


My client purchases whatever licences they need on a monthly contract from me, and then resells the features that those licences provide at a margin to their tenants.


For my part I manage the system, make the required changes and provide advise to the client and their tenants.


It’s a win, win, win situation. The client is delighted as they have improved their tenant retention ration from below 80% PA to over 95% PA. The tenants are delighted because they now have high speed data connectivity and a professional telephone system.  I am delighted to have one client who is bringing me regular work.

Next Steps 

If you are running a serviced office, or a bureau telephone service for your clients, why not get in touch for an initial chat about how I can help you achieve better value from your telecoms expenditure using . Give me a ring today on 01788 226210, or contact me via my website I will be delighted to help.


John Mann – Mann Telecom