Helping businesses to grow with hosted voip.

Great conversation this morning with an existing customer with hosted voip from us.

In short they have decided to reorganise their existing business into two divisions. Today the business offers a mixture of commercial and domestic services. The customer puts huge efforts into marketing to attract new business. The desire to split into two is as a result of the different marketing needs of the two businesses which were proving difficult to accommodate when all inbound enquiries are being handled in the same way, as was the case until very recently when we introduced hosted voip to the business.

Here’s where Mann Telecom comes in. A few months ago we installed a new hosted voip telephone system for my customer, and at the same time organised some new number ranges so that he could market the two services on different phone numbers, and therefore measure from incoming calls how effective the marketing has been by each respective service.

For the first time it became possible to see which marketing campaigns were generating which calls, as each went out with a specific number to call on the brochure/on line advert.

I knew of course that this was the plan, and I am happy to have been able to help my customer to understand the effectiveness of their marketing effort and SEO in particular. It’s our aim at Mann telecom to help our customers grow their business, and this is one of the things that we can do with hosted voip as it’s so flexible, and particularly inexpensive when it comes to having additional number ranges.

What I didn’t know was how fundamental the insights we have been able to generate from a better understanding of where the new enquiries are coming from was going to be.

In conversation with my customer he told me that this re-organisation was something they had wanted to do for years but had never really had enough information about the relative size of the opportunity for the two businesses to be able to take justify the extra costs of essentially splitting the business in two.

So we have not just helped our customer understand where he gets the biggest bang for his buck in terms of his marketing month by month, we have helped him realise a long held ambition to make a significant investment in growing his business in a really fundamental way.

Now I a not of course claiming all the credit for this decision, clearly there were a range of pressures building up that makes re-organising the business the right thing to do, but nonetheless having the hard data we were able to provide about where the growth in the business is coming from was very important to my customer in making the call.

It’s really satisfying when the work you do with customers goes beyond simply supplying a service and instead the conversation moves to about how what we can do together can help our customers really grow their business.

If you would like to understand how I can help you grow your business please get in touch and together we can explore the art of the possible whether that be achieving a better understanding of your marketing effectiveness, better serving your local market or improving your customer service.

Call me today on 01788 226210 or email me via my contact page. I am based in Rugby covering the Midlands region.

John Mann – Founder, Mann Telecom.