Help! I don’t want to answer the phone! How Hosted Telephony can help with every situation, however unusual.

An unusual request from a potential new customer recently, it’s not every day that I am asked how best to NOT answer the phone. Another problem I can solve with HV Select Hosted Telephony.

Of course, there is more to it than it might first appear…..

A prospect with a very successful laptop and phone repair business asked me to help them solve a business problem with the way they deal with customers calling in to ask for a quote or to check on the progress of a repair. Naturally my first thought was what a lovely problem to have, all these potential new customers for the business ringing in for a quotation. I would like more of that for my business, that’s for sure!

However, it’s not not quite like that for this particular business. The constant stream of phone calls are stopping them from concentrating on the actual job of effecting repairs to the laptops and phones that customers have brought in to their premises. Most of the requests for quotes are for simple phone repairs, and most callers are shopping around for the cheapest price which is not the sort of business this particular company wants. It’s also almost impossible to quote for a laptop repair over the phone, they need to see the machine first hand to understand what is required.

As a result these calls are more of a problem than a benefit in this particular scenario.

The conundrum then is how to best handle these sorts of calls without on the one hand letting them interrupt more important work, but on the other hand providing a service so that the business does not tarnish it’s excellent reputation for the repair services it provides by being a bit rubbish at handling phone calls.

The owner put it to me that they didn’t want to answer the phone!

This is where I was able to help. In fact, what the customer wants is to handle some calls in one way, and other more important calls in a different way.

The solution is simple enough.

I have supplied a single seat of HV Select hosted telephony from Daisy Communications to take calls on the main business number. Because even a single seat, or user, of a hosted PBX gets access to all the feature of the cloud based hosted PBX this gave us options. The hosted system answers the calls automatically with a bespoke greeting that advises callers looking for a quote to visit their website where prices for the most common repairs are available. It goes on to say that if, having seen a price that is acceptable on the website customers should bring their laptops etc. into the workshop and gives the address and opening hours.

It then offers callers the alternative of leaving a message, or if the call relates to an existing repair that has already been brought in to the workshop for attention, to press one to be connected to the workshop.

We have politely and professionally asked callers to ‘self serve’ by visiting the website for quotes, but at the same time kept a line of communication open for existing customers enquiring about repairs.

The workshop staff can get on with doing their repair work with far fewer interruptions from price comparator enquiries.

And I hear you ask, what has been the effect on the number of repairs that the business is being asked to do? It’s too early to be be specific but what my customer reports is that more people are visiting his website’s prices page and footfall has increased at the workshop as well. Oh, and I should also mention the hosted system is 40% cheaper than the legacy ISDN lines it replaced at this business.

This is a tiny sale for me, but the principal of using hosted to better handles different types of calls is just as applicable to a business of any size, and as a local business I am always happy to meet with even the smallest customers in person to discuss how best I can help. I really enjoy solving problems for my customers.

So if you think you could be a bit smarter about how you handle your calls, give me a ring and I would be delighted to offer some advice. At Mann Telecom, we always want to answer the phone!

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