At last, affordable quality of service for smaller businesses.

At last, affordable quality of service for smaller businesses.


Voice over IP or hosted telephony can sometimes get a bad reviews due to poor call quality. We have all been on calls which clip, or are faint or muffled.


In reality the issue is usually a poor broadband connection rather than a fault with the hosted service itself.


That’s because the majority of broadband connections don’t offer what we call quality of service, or QoS.


In short QoS is a mechanism that can separate voice, data and video traffic on a network and prioritise the more time critical traffic. Voice is the most time critical of all because a voice call full of delays soon becomes unusable.


So a lack of QoS can mean poor call quality, particularly where there is a limited amount of bandwidth available. It’s not such a problem if you have say a private circuit delivering 100MB, but most small businesses don’t have that luxury.


Where bandwidth is tight, particularly on ADSL connections, being able to prioritise traffic is essential to ensure good quality telephony.


Up until now QoS on broadband, even fibre broadband, has not been readily available at an affordable price point for smaller businesses.


My partner Daisy Telecom have solved the problem with their new ‘One and Only’ broadband service. It offers end to end quality of service from the customers premises to the data centres where their HV Select hosted voice services reside.


Users can select between 4 voice channels on ADSL or 10 or 20 on a 80/20 fibre connection. That means 4/10/20 simultaneous conversations depending on the underlying broadband and service selected. The voice calls are separated from other data traffic to ensure good quality.


If you have separate broadband for voice and data today, this new service could mean you can consolidate down to one for both voice and data and so half your broadband costs.


Most importantly, hosted telephony supported by a network connection with QoS is the combination of reliability, cost effectiveness and high functionality that small businesses can benefit from today, and now without huge upfront costs for a private circuit.


So, if your current hosted service is a bit flaky at times, or you are considering hosted for the first time then why not give me a call to discuss the art of the possible.


I would be delighted to hear from you.