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Hi, my name is John Mann. Thanks for visiting my website.


My business, Mann Telecom, serves the small and medium size business market in the Midlands.


I started my business back in 2009 during the depths of the financial crisis. I figured if I can make a success of getting established now, growing in the future will be easy!


John Mann - Owner


Before starting Mann Telecom I had a long career working for some of the leading companies in the industry, Nortel, Vodafone and Virgin Media. I worked closely with colleagues in BT too over many years.


I have always enjoyed working with small, agile businesses. The opportunity to work with business owners and come to decisions quickly is a real pleasure compared to the long winded formal procurement processes that so many larger business seem to employ.


The thing that big businesses like the ones I have worked for in the past find most difficult is providing a service that works for small business. Their cost base means they cannot spend much time on smaller customers and still make a profit, which is why so many rely on call centres and online sales tools.


And because they are so big it sometimes seems to a small business customer that you can never speak to the same person twice, and no-one really know you or your business.


I have grown my business by being all the things that bigger companies find it hard to be. I am local, accessible and very happy to visit you and your business in person.


I know my products and services. I don’t want to be all things to all people, preferring to concentrate on my core offerings of Voice over IP and hosted, business broadband and business mobile.


I know that my business has been built on service and that recommendations have been the best source of business for me from the very beginning.


So, if you would like to speak with someone with the experience to help you grow your business, and work with a company that’s local, accessible and takes pride in being recommended to others you are in the right place.


At Mann Telecom we work with partners to deliver the products and solutions our customers need. We have a close working relationship with Daisy Telecom, a very successful British company. They in turn work with BT to deliver a broad portfolio of products that I supply to my customers.


To ensure my customers always have a choice I also work with other providers who bring particular strengths to my portfolio, like 8x8 for hosted contact centre, Virtual 1 for private circuits and wide area networks, Voiceflex for SIP trunking and other partner providing specific solutions like call recording or video conferencing.


Why not give me a ring today to start the conversation, I promise that you will be glad that you did.

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